Moving back to New Orleans

An acquaintance sent this to several of us. I read it as a joke, but he confirmed. It is great people are moving back to New Orleans, but this man is taking his family back so he can have hot sauce on the table and drink on the street? Do they get any dumber?

After months of living in exile with long stretches of sadness, we decided to move back home. Leaving San Diego after 9 months will be very hard as I have a good job, we made met nice people, and kids seem to be pretty happy, but as they say "the Buick is packed". As soon as the school year ends we're heading back to New Orleans. A lot of variables played into our decision but nothing more than having a bottle of Crystal Hot Sauce on the table and joining a second line parade down Dryades. You know what I am talking about! Don't dwell on the violent crime rates, corrupt education system, unemployment, racism and poverty—that is just being negative. Tell me where else but New Orleans is stumbling down the street with a bottle of MadDog, celebrated so much? This will be our first trip back to town, we are prepared for some changes. Rents went up a bit and jobs are scarce but I'm willing to put the time in for a decent job.

I am confident you will soar with references from Jack Daniels and Jim Bean. Best of luck and give us a ring when you get settled.

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