The team that NOLA forgot, before the season began

The first pre-season game didn't even end and another failed season was being spewed by the sportscasters. Today's paper goes over all the reasons why The Saints suck instead of looking at it for what it is, pre-season football. It doesn't count. They can get better. With all that said, here is a revised bumper sticker for your car or window. Display it proudly.


Only in New Orleans - part of a series

Visit Our Library
Here's something you don't see in New Orleans.

When wandering around the country I notice that a library is often the focal point of a community; its not uncommon to find people reading inside a theater, while riding the bus or even walking on the avenue. People ask each other, "so what are you reading?" Reading is encouraged.

So I started to wonder if anybody reads in New Orleans. Over a five day period I did an unscientific survey to see if I could spot people with books. I managed to find a few (3) people at Audubon Park with books and beers, but nobody outside of the park. I drove out to Barnes and Noble on Vets and couldn't get a parking spot. Who are all these closet readers?

Do you know where Louisiana ranks in literacy? Well if you got this far then you can probably read above the 3rd grade level. If you've started wondering about literacy, check out Louisiana’s Literacy Resource Center at http://www.doe.state.la.us/slrc/index.htm.

And if you really want to go crazy and read outside of parish lines, click over to the National Institute for Literacy.


The Bastard Bunch

While walking home from the Wagner's on Claiborne last night I started humming this tune. Something must have been up because I never saw so many daddys totting kids at the Wagner's.
Brady Bunch Revised Lyrics

Here's a story of a pissed off lady
Who was bringing up three nasty little hoe's
All of them had teeth of gold, like their mother,
The youngest one in human hair extension curls.

Here's the story, of a man named Shady,
Who got busy makin six boys of his own.
They were seven men, living all together,
Yet dad was rarely home.

Till the one day when Shady met this hoe,
And the bitches in the hood knew that it was more than just a lunch.
That this group would somehow form another family.
That's the way we became The Bastard Bunch.

The Swamp Tattler: Coming soon

The Swamp Tattler:
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