Nagin looks for investors in New York, again.

Nagin looks for investors in New York

NEW ORLEANS -- Mayor Ray Nagin is in New York this week, courting investors and looking for money to help fund the rebuilding of key infrastructure batted by Hurricane Katrina.

Again? WTF? How many times is Ray Ray going to go ask for a handout?

Why doesn't Mr Nagin clean up the city and ATTRACT bonified investment capital??? Spend some of the millions (billions?) the Feds gave you and clean house!

What exactly is Ray pitching this week? We have the BEST murders? We have the BEST corrupt schoolboard? We have the BEST revolving door in a justice system? We have strong drinks?

RAY, Katrina was a catrosphy but don't rewrite history, the town was in a downward spiral BEFORE Katrina! The time to take a lead has passed, do it NOW! Put down the beer, turn off the microphone, take off the makeup, roll-up your sleeves and kick some ass.

Thank You.